Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We Have Seen the 47% and it's Mitt Romney

     This is almost too much. Romney now seems to be on track to get exactly 47% of the vote. We knew that Romney  many years has himself paid little or no taxes-and wanted to further lower taxes on wealthy members of the 47%.

     However, as Yahoo puts it, this is bringing liberal schadenfreude to almost impossible levels. It's just so on the nose:

      "The defeated GOP candidate famously disparaged Obama as the candidate of the 47 percent. Now, liberals gleefully view Mitt's final tally as poetic justice."

       "Liberal schadenfreude is about to reach overdose levels. Just when you thought the dead horse of Mitt Romney's campaign had been beaten more than enough — and most savagely by members of his own party — Dave Wasserman at Cook Political Report projects that the final count of the popular vote, which is still ongoing, will show Romney winning 47 percent of the electorate. In addition to proving that Obama handily won the popular vote, the final tally makes Romney the official candidate of the 47 percent — a delicious irony, liberals say, given that Romney infamously claimed that Obama was the candidate of the 47 percent of Americans who "believe they are victims" and are "dependent on government."
      Mark Moulitsas has started a Romney 47 percent watch. The 47% turns out to refer to the amount of people who voted for Romney. As Greg Sargent points out:
      "At risk of piling on, a 47 percent finish would represent a perfect conclusion to the Romney political saga. If Romney ran a campaign of unprecedented dishonesty and lack of transparency, virtually all of it was geared towards misleading people about the true nature of his — and his party’s — actual beliefs and governing agenda. This was the case on multiple fronts, from Romney’s dissembling about the size of the tax cut he’d give to the rich, to his evasions about the overhaul he and Paul Ryan planned for the safety net, to the obscuring of the massive upward redistribution of wealth represented by the Ryan agenda — the GOP’s central governing blueprint for nation’s fiscal and economic future."
        Yep, it's too perfect. It also shows that even the popular vote is not as close as many had initially seemed. Remember all that hand-wringing about how Obama was going to win the electoral college but lose the popular vote thereby having no mandate? Those like Jennifer Rubin who made that argument evidently spent too looking at Gallup.

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