Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The David Petraeus Soap Opera Becoming the Media's Favorite Diversion

     Look, I can admit that it's titillating. I mean ever time you look around, more crazy details are coming out.

    We have the top man at the CIA and a decorated war hero having to step down  because of an affair with a woman named Paula Broadwell who is actually a military expert and wrote a book about Petraeus called "All in."

   The only reason any of this even came out is because Broadwell became jealous of his friendship-or he insists this is all it is, though who actually knows?-with a woman named Jill Kelley a volunteer who it turns out thinks she's some sort of diplomat.

   Broadwell sent some threatening emails to Kelley. Kelley showed these emails to a friend of hers who's a FBI agent. This is what finally brought scrutiny to Petraeus. Still, this FBI agent himself became obsessed with this steamy, sordid case and was removed from investigating it. He then shopped the story to a Republican Congressman.

   Now it turns out that the new man picked to succeed Petraeus also has some troublesome emails. He had a two year correspondence with Ms. Kelley some of which according to some sources were flirtatious.

   The crazy twists and turns keep breaking as the story gets crazier and crazier. This is the kind of new breaking items we keep seeing:

    "Former CIA Director David Petraeus and the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, both recently intervened in a child custody battle on behalf of the twin sister of the Florida woman at the center of a scandal that has engulfed both men, court documents show."

   "Petraeus and Allen wrote letters in September to the District of Columbia Superior Court in support of the twin sister, Natalie Khawam, as she sought to gain more visitation rights with her son, according to a review of the court file.

   "The letters deepen the mystery of how two "Tampa socialites developed close access to top military officials and raise questions about the specific nature of those relationships."

   "It is unclear why Petraeus and Allen, two of the U.S. military's biggest names, felt the need to formally interject in a nasty custody dispute of someone they characterized as a family friend."

     As if this isn't enough-the previous CIA Director as well as his current nominated replacement were both intervening in the custody battle of Jill Kelley's twin sister-we now learn that the twin sisters were buddies with John Kerry-whose being considered as Obama's new Secretary of Defense.

    "The court files also provide a glimpse into the connections Khawam had built with Washington elite, including U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts."

     See, this story is an octopus. However, it's also clear that this is a diversion that the GOP welcomes-just check the coverage of it at FOX. Because of the free floating nature of this scandal it's perfect gist for the GOP mill, After all, whatever Petraeus was involved with including the custody fight was obviously distracted and therefore unable to prepare properly in Benghazi which is why the terrorist attack happened! And Obama tried to blame an innocent hate video against Muslims!

     And surely the fact that Kerry's name has come up here in connection with Jill Kelley and her twin-whatever it actually is-means he's not made of the material we need in a Secretary of Defense. After all, we don't want anymore Benghazis do we?

    So while it's kind of a fascinating spectacle, understand the GOP will try to use this. Already we're seeing headlines ask if Obama sat on this story until after the election. Right, we should have discussed it at the debates!.

    So let's at least be a little forewarned. I don't think this will be able to stop Obama's strength or anything like that: the American people during this last election showed themselves much more sophisticated than many gave them credit for prior to it. They didn't fall for the simplistic message that if you don't like where the economy is you simply vote out the current President, case closed.

    Still, this might well be fodder for anotehr Darrell Issa investigation. His goal was to have a different investigation every day of the week.


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