Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanks For Nothing Lipa

     Today's Newsday headline says it all: Still in the Dark. None of us here in  Baldwin Harbor have power yet. We're not the only ones either to be sure here on Long Island, and yes there are those who have it much worse-obviously those in Long Beach, Staten Island, parts of Freeport, even Oceanside, from what I hear is a warzone.

     Still, I really hate Lipa, and I know I'm not the only one. They keep on trumpeting that "only" 200,000 still are without power on Long Island whereas the original number was 900,000. Some, however, question the numbers.

     For me it's even more basic than that: at the end of the day, I got no power: not even hot water, and have been freezing for days. Is the fact that they've gotten many other people back on supposed to make me feel better?

    Everyday I walk up Grand Ave and see everyone back with power north of Ave. In a way that's of course good: at least there are some stores open, the library is open, and there are some traffic signals up. Still in another way it ticks me off all over again: it's great to see that we're not a priority down south here at the harbor.

   I spoke to a Lipa guy today. He didn't actually have anything on him that said "Lipa" but the green safety vest looked "Lipa" to me so I asked him if he were Lipa. He admitted that he was. I said that one thing that frustrates me is that you never see anyone from Lipa in the harbor. He said that there are always people from Lipa there and they have people helping them from all over the country-including far away from California, etc.

    It turns out that they prefer not to let people know they're from Lipa as everyone hates them right now. Even when they are in the neighborhood, this just ticks people off as they still don''t have any power: obviously if they're in your neighborhood and you have no power you infer that they're working on getting other people back on but not you. Or at least that's what I would infer.

    Supposedly we're supposed to have 90% with power by tomorrow. This doesn't make me feel better as I have no way of knowing if I'm in the 90% or the fortunate 10%.

    In good news, voting went without a hitch this morning: I'm pleased to be able to say that I just cast my vote to re-elect our President.

     Of course after my voting buzz, the Baldwin Public Library ruined it by not being open at 9 like usual. For some reason on election day they don't open until 1. Then I tried Freeport who turns out not to open at all today. So I went home to my freezing cold cave. Now I'm back at Baldwin Library. I guess the chance for yet more pointless downtime at the library is too much for them: time off for the election... What else do you expect from a Library that now takes off every Sunday that precedes a Monday holiday?

    While I know this short election day schedule is a tradition, wouldn't this be a time to open the usual time with all those of us without power and the Internet?

     Ok. I've ranted enough. Obama is looking in very good shape. Even Gallup now only has Romney up by 1 point among likely voters. Soon all the pundits who have been predicting "tossup" can eat their hearts out. After all Sam Wang did offer to eat a disgusting bug...


  1. Your rant has nothing to do with the presidential election. Either does your bad luck of still having no power.
    I lost power for 8 days, and my parents on Long Island still don't have power, so I feel for you. But hating on LIPA has absolutely nothing to do with it. Stop trying to make them seem like lazy union workers- I bet you have not the slightest idea of how power is restored, do you? Do you know how electrical circuits work? I'm an engineer, have been studying engineering for all my life, and even I have trouble grabbing that concept. Maybe you should start researching to pass the time in the dark.

  2. I never said it did have anything to do with the election. Where did I claim otherwise? I don't know how power is restored. Evidently neither does Lipa.

    It's not my job to know. Sometimes I rant-my blog isn't always 100% on one partiuclar topic.

    If you do want politics though check the archives. I think it's safe to say that I have more than what it takes to give you your fill and more so.

    TK for coming. Hope you come again.

    P.S. if you want something more political read almost anything else I've written in the last three months! This was one of the few that wasn't primarily about it. Cheers.