Monday, November 5, 2012

Just One Day to Go!

     At this point you have to feel pretty good. After a poor first debate Obama won the second two handily and has surged back since. His odds of winning at Nate Silver is about where it was before Denver-now over 86%.

    While the GOP talking point that if Romney loses it's all Hurricane Sandy is overdone, it's true that the President has done a very good job bringing us together during this trying time if national disaster and it helps him some. The country does pull behind the Chief Executive during such times.

     Obama has lead in most state polls over the last three days and we even started to see the national polls come around to him a little more yesterday-Romney led in only one national poll. According to Nate, the national polls are starting to come in line with the state polls.

       At this point the only thing I'm at all concerned about is the Hurricane fallout-here in Baldwin, Long Island, we're still without power in the Harbor. We seem to be last on the list a lot during these times.

       I'm concerned that our polling place will be up and running by tomorrow. While they do have power there, I see no sign in front of the place that there's going to be voting going on there tomorrow.

       I hope tomorrow won't be too messy. Clearly if Romney wins New York we'll know that most people haven't voted-LOL.

       Good luck America! Let's re-elect a President! Like Bill Clinton says, we should be more enthusiastic about electing him this time, than last time.

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