Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Diary of a Republican Hater Readers

     Hope you are having a happy Turkey day so far-or a happy Turkey substitutes day if you're vegan or something... LOL.

     We finally have civilization back here in Baldwin Harbor and I'm just enjoying the morning shows. I find I'm in the mood today to watch the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade.

     Sometimes I'm in the mood for pageantry stuff. I also see that Kelly Ripa is now paired up on a morning show with Michael Strahan. Wow! Quite a move from Regis. I like it, I think they work good together. I gotta love Kelly.

     She argues that if you're in a ritzy hotel you have to take a few hotel novelties-soap, etc. But that you do it the first night so they can replace it and then you can take that too. I never get to visit ritzy hotels but it makes sense to me...

      As for politics, things look good. Again, it's too on the nose that Romney is actually going to end up with just 47% of the vote. For one thing, it's only about 1 point more than McCain got despite the economy that every said would be such a hurdle for the President.

     Then, of course, that was the number he gave us of those moochers and takers who don't pay any federal income taxes-what about him and his wealthy buddies who pay real low capital gains? And as he never showed us his tax returns how can we be sure he never was one of the 47%?

     I find Boehner's editorial yesterday demanding ObamaCare be on the table to the fiscal cliff talks almost cute. He has no leverage and must realize that. What's his game?

     What's clear is that if we don't get a deal the GOP will take the fall as most Americans have already said they'll blame them. So it behooves them to work with us here.

      As I wrote about yesterday, this is a major accomplishment for Obama's diplomacy in getting that ceasefire.

       Today Politico has a piece detailing how it was particularly a success story for Hillary Clinton.

         The story, however, goes on to fret about how she won't be around next time and how this may be a problem going forward. I think that's overdone. Certainly Secretary Clinton has tremendous skills that will be missed as well as a tremendous record of service and success.

         However, I think that her performance is also in line with the larger diplomatic policy of the Administration. The fact is that there are other very qualified candidates that can come in and lead the State Department.

         Susan Rice is certainly one such qualified candidate. I was happy to see that she has pushed back at McCain.

         "U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said Wednesday that her early account of the attack that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in Benghazi was based on the initial intelligence community assessments and was always subject to review and updates."

          "She said she respects Republican Sen. John McCain, who has been critical of her, but says “some of the statements he’s made about me have been unfounded, but I look forward to having the opportunity at the appropriate time to discuss all of this with him.”

          Read more:

           Ms. Rice is an upstanding professional with many years of experience and a very quality education background and she is very qualified. This cherrypicking needs to stop. At the end of the day she said nothing wrong and certainly had no desire to mislead. There's no evidence at all that anyone had such a desire and that anyone either in the Administration or in the CIA wanted to mislead.

           McCain, Graham. and company should stop making wild, unproven accusations before they know what they're talking about. With the time out that McCain and other GOPers took to complain about a lack of of information while missing a meeting that had provided the information they claimed to want.

            In any case, I again wish you a great Thanksgiving and I hope you eat lots of turkey and watch lots of football-or whatever it is you like to do.

           Thanks as always for being a Diary of a Republican Hater reader. You're what it's all about.



  1. Mike,
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Here's a great clip from the WKRP Turkey promo:

  2. Hope you did too buddy! It was pretty good. The Jets were partiuclarly amusing last night.