Friday, November 2, 2012

Bill Clinton: I May Be the Only One in America More Enthuisiastic About Obama This Time

     The one thing I can say for sure is that Clinton is not the only person in America more enthusiastic this time: I am too.

      Watching Clinton on the campaign trail this morning truly gives you chills. I mean if anyone is the Great Communicator, it's him. He also made sure to point out the way the President has brought the country together this week in the face of Hurricane Sandy-while Romney spent the week explaining that he really does like Fema after all.

      Clinton also voiced a real concern: will the polling places in places like my Long Island, NY really be ready for prime time on Tuesday? Of course, NY should be a safe blue state no matter what-unless there is some anomaly where only Republican polling places aren't in areas that lost power.

      But what about places like Pennsylvania and Ohio?

      Still Clinton is right about the excitement of this election. I too am more enthusiastic about Obama this time than 2008-I was, after all, a Hillary man.

       If this election doesn't motivate you-with the fate of the New Deal literally hanging in the balance, with Romney trying to take credit for all the President's accomplishments-if he were to win Tuesday which I don't think he will you know that would be the last day we'd hear about the allegedly terrible economy-then I don't know what does.

       Less a liberal what I think you are is a candidate for needing a good lobotomy. Sorry, but it's how I feel about it.

      Let's all make sure we vote Tuesday-or as soon as possible; evidently if some places are not ready there could be some "partial postponements" though who knows if such late votes would have the same impact...

      It's all about Tuesday. The President is poised to win, the Dems are poised to hold on-or even expand the Senate-and the Dems should pick up significant House seats-retaking it is not probable but certainly possible-according to Sam Wang an 18-33% chance.



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