Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Re-elects President Obama

     We did it! We've re-elected our President and I am loving it. Even the idea of a President Romney was an obscenity. It would have been the end of the New Deal-goodbye Medicare, the end of Medicaid and rolling  back women's rights.

      In some ways even worse was the idea of Romney taking credit for the economy next year that Obama had laid the groundwork for. If he had won tonight, you know you would have heard Romney knock this economy the last time.

      It would have validated what Greg Sargent called the first "post-truth campaign." It would have also validated Romney's arrogance in refusing to release his tax returns and speaking contemptuously of the 47%.

      The bad news for Romney trickled in all night. All the Democratic Senate victories-Elizabeth Warren(Howie Carr had claimed that she would lose over the phony Cherokee scandal), Claire McCaskill, Tammy Duckworth; Mourdock losing.

      By Sunday night, the Romney team was scarce, not addressing the media.

      If America blew this, I might not ever have forgiven it.

       Another winner: Nate Silver. As Karen Tumulty asks will the networks be carrying his victory speech?

        Howard Finnerman made the point that this election in many ways was more emphatic than even 2008. The country has shown it's commitment to this President and the Democratic agenda-keep in mind the Democrats' strong Senate showing.

         The GOP that was so smug just two years ago after 2010, now clearly has no mandate. Harry Reid rightly calls on them to put aside the balls to the wall obstruction:

          "In the wake of a very poor Republican showing in the Senate, and President Obama’s re-election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling on the Senate GOP to drop its underlying strategy of obstructing the Democratic agenda."

           “Now that the election is over, it’s time to put politics aside, and work together to find solutions,” Reid said in a statement. “The strategy of obstruction, gridlock and delay was soundly rejected by the American people. Now, they are looking to us for solutions. We have big challenges facing us in the months ahead. Democrats and Republicans must come together, and show that we are up to the challenge. This is no time for excuses. This is no time for putting things off until later. We can achieve big things when we work together. And the middle class is counting on us to achieve big things in the months ahead. That is what the American expect - and that is what the American people deserve.”


              The American people have spoken. Time to put the country first, not Mitch McConnell's personal vendettas and desire for a higher office.

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  1. Now if Popeye's is open, up and running this was a big day for you.