Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Digress About My Pet Peeve: Doctors Who Don't Tip

       First of all, do any doctors tip? I have my doubts. Let me just admit that this post is something of a digression. Believe me, all I care about is the President becoming a two term President. But because of the huge popularity of my last post about Erin Burnett, I had to go out and write another one.

       Conan OBrien interviews his crush, Erin Burnett

       This has gotten me in a mode of writing other stuff. So here I'm kind of engaging in some navel-gazing. Sometimes you have to do it. As much as I obviously love politics and economics, I am, first and foremost, a philosopher. So when reading this small piece about my trip home last night, bare in mind what Nietzsche said: the biggest problems are in the street. 

        Last night on the way home from work I was at the Hempstead Bus Terminal and some young kid probably no older than his early 20s asks me is I could spare $.75 cents. I reached into my pockets and found exactly $.46 cents. I gave it to him and he thanked me very kindly. Which is good. He was very polite in both asking and expressing gratitude. Very important. I'll give you anything if you just ask for it in the right way and express genuine gratitude after. If you don't, believe me I will be hating on you and cursing myself for giving it to you

         He walked away and went up to some other guy-probably to ask him for the rest? Right a way I find myself really hoping that he gets it. After he was finished talking to the guy he went inside then came out again. I found myself feeling frustrated that I wasn't able to give him the whole $.75 and am hoping that the other guy-or someone-gave it to him.

         I see he's started smoking a cigarette. I feel reassured. Maybe that's what he wanted the money for. I guess he got what he was looking for. It's funny, I doubt most people assuming they did give him the last $.46 cents in their pocket would actually feel invested that he gets the rest.

         That's me though. I want to be able to satisfy your needs, wants and desires. I'm very unhappy if you ask me for something that I'm unable to give to you. My guess is that the typical person might be someone who gives him the change but might even feel a little resentful after at how easy a touch they are.

          Unlike me, who takes pride in that. The only reason I hadn't had enough change to give to him was I had already spent all my loose change on this young female at work. She will literallly ask me to buy her chips and a soda-last night it was ice cream as well-and I find it impossible to resist. I think it's because she's kind of cool: the upfrontness I find kind of charming. She'll see a guy pass her and right away ask-demand that he buy her choclate or give her something.

          So I couldn't give him everything he asked for as I had already given everything she had asked for. After seeing the kid light up his cigarette I get into a conversation with some other guy. We were talking and we got to talking about how some cab driver told me that he drove someone all the way from Hicksville to Manhatten and they stiffed him giving him like $2 or something.

          This is a major pet peeve of mine: people who don't tip. I mentioed how when I used to deliver pizza, the worst tippers were these doctors at a hospital I used to deliver to. The nurses were terrible as well.
           He mad an interesting point that people who do these caretaking jobs all day feel like they do nothign but take care of others and are tired and stressed.

           I find that interesting because that's something I never do: when someone treats me bad in a customer service situation-whether I'm the customer or server-I never give them any kind of pass. I assume they stiff me or are rude because they are shoddy people with some sort of perverse desire to be shoddy people.

           So he was empathizing with them in a way that I never do. I replied to him:

           "So they spend the whole day feeling like they have to take care of other people and now they're going to take it out on you. You're the luckly person who they can make pay for it: they will screw you over to feel better."

             He answered, "Yeah, that's fucked up huh?"

             So if he looked at it in a different way-seeing their side-I got him to see that nevertheless, their way of looking at it is pretty fucked up, nevertheless.

              Really, how can these people with good, professional, high-paying jobs expect any sympathy? In particular the male doctors-though more and more female doctors are doing very well now; and the nurses do pretty well for themselves too.

             But if you're a male doctor-these were the guys stiffing me-you have it pretty damned good. You do work that is highly valued and praised by society. You had an expensive education where many doctors then stiff on paying back their loans-and getting away with it, unlike the rest of us who are buried by our student loans.

              You spend the day doing some of the most important work in the world. And of course you spend your life being worshipped by every woman you meet. The nurses, the female patients-there are male patients who also think you're pretty keen-the female doctors, your wife(and daughters, who probably want to replace your wife due to their Electra Complex), your mistress, the mistress your cheating on your mistress with, your girlfriend, the girlfriend your cheating on your girlfriend with, the girlfriend your cheating on the girlfriend you're cheating on your girlfriend with...

               And I come in to deliver your pizza and should feel bad that you are having a "I'm no Superman" complex: it ain't me babe, no, no, no, it ain't me babe; it ain't me you're looking for babe.

                So you're tired of feeling like your here to take care of everyone else's needs and I get to be the lucky one who's needs you get to stiff?

                The reason I focused so much on the women in this pompous nitwit's life is that's what it's all about right? Women, that is. Like Jim Morrison said: "women seem wicked when you're unwanted, faces look ugly, when you're alone."

                 Nothing is worse than being around women who are all in awe and love for some other guy.

                If you don't like me, I hate you.

                I will never forgive you for not loving me the way I love you.

               For not seeing anything when you see me. For not seeing what I see when I look at you.
               For having nothing for me but cold, flat words, and a bored expression.

               Why do you always ask questions like you're trying to see into the center of my soul? Why can't you learn that if I haven't told you what you want to know, it's none of your business?

               Why can't you just take me for who I am? Why do you act like your curiosity is my problem?

              On the way home on the bus, I saw that the kid I gave the $.46 cents to, is on the bus. Ok, I tell myself. It's a good thing: he got a cigarette and he got his ride and I had a decent amount to do with it.

              Again, please forgive my digression! Hope you enjoyed it.


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