Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Romney Gets Chalian Fired Now Sets His Sights on Juan Williams

       Romney likes being able to fire people and he's already gotten David Chalian fired because Chalian dared express an unflattering opinion about Mitt and Ann Romney.

      But of course, that''s not enough for Mitt. No, now he's turning his sights on Juan Williams for telling the truth about Ann Romney's allegedly "great speech."

      “Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, on the other hand looked to me like a corporate wife,” Williams said on Fox News. “And you know the stories she told about struggle, eh, it’s hard for me to believe. She’s a very rich woman, and I know that and America knows that.”

     "Williams said Ann Romney didn’t convince him she understood the struggles of average American women, and looked like “a woman whose husband takes care of her and she’s been very lucky and blessed in this life."

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    For this honest opinion, Crybaby in Chief Mitt Romney is trying to put pressure on him-after all, Mitt has some obvious, big pull at Fox News:

    "Mitt Romney’s campaign charged Wednesday that Fox News analyst Juan Williams’s comments labeling Ann Romney a “corporate wife” after her convention speech were “unfair” and “deeply disappointing.”

    “We respect our colleagues in media and appreciate they too have invested a lot to be here to cover the convention,” a Romney aide said in a statement to POLITICO. “But, Juan’s comments are deeply disappointing: Not only were they unfair and personal, they were wrong.”

     Oh, do tell. How were they "wrong?" I'd love for them to be forced to even begin to give us anything tangible about how they were "wrong." Do you mean factually wrong? If so, how so? Morally wrong? Why? Is this Mitt Romney's brand of ethics where his Categorical Imperative is thou must never say anything unflattering about Mitt Romney?

     Juan is standing by what he said for now.

     "In an appearance Wednesday on Fox, Williams defended his remarks."

     “I think my criticism was aimed at the reality of the economics and the blessings that the Romneys have had,” Williams said. “They’re not average Americans, in terms of their wealth, by any stretch of the imagination.”

     "Williams said he wasn’t criticizing Romney as a person, and said he sympathized with her battle against breast cancer as “a cancer survivor, and I am one.”

      "It’s not known when Williams had cancer or what type he had. A message left with a Fox News spokesman wasn’t immediately returned."

      "Williams said Romney’s speech should have focused more on the family’s charitable giving, something Romney has mentioned repeatedly in the past."

      “This was intended as an analysis of the speech,” Williams said. “I think in the economic realm, from my mind, it was intended to appeal to American women, where the Romney campaign has a deficit right now."

       "And it would’ve been smarter, in my mind, if she had been able to say: ‘We know we’re blessed, but let me tell you how much we are doing for others.’”

       "Williams, who was famously fired from his job at NPR for comments made on Fox, was a dissenter from the conservative network’s consensus Tuesday night. One of Williams’s co-panelists, Brit Hume, labeled Romney’s address as “the single most effective political speech I’ve ever heard given by a political wife.”

     We'll see if he is on tonight and going forward. Last night he conspicuously left after his comments for the always mawkish Peggy Noonan. However, the FOX News team insisted he'd be back tonight. Now that Romney has whined we'll see if they keep their word.

      As an aside, though, it's interesting to remember why Fox hired Williams in the first place. Basically because he was fired by NPR in 2010 for claiming to get nervous when he sees "people in Muslim garb" garb on airplanes.

     So it was only out of sympathy pains for his bigotry that they hired him in the first place. We'll see if this finishes him or at least reduces his role during the convention or in future assignments regarding the election.


  1. How does Romney have the time to go after journalists? For goodness sake he is running for President.

  2. Well Ambitious, remember, that Fox News is Mitt Romney TV anyway.