Thursday, June 28, 2012

GOP Big Lie Machine after ACA Ruling

      As noted in our previous post the GOP had plans "for every contingency" coming in today's ruling. They have been in furious spin mode since ACA was found constitutional.

     By the way, the most hilarious spin is coming from Rush Libmaugh who's starting a rumour that Cheif Justice Roberts ruled for ACA because he was politically intimidated by President Obama and the Senate Democrats.

     He started by saying he's just repeating speculation he read on some blogs but the next think you know he keeps discussing it and saying how terrible thing it would be-if it were true and he doesn't know that it is. Fanning the flames while saying that's not what he means to do.

    For more of Rush's attempt at spin see

    It's of interest to me in the sense of Karen the Lonely Conservative's buddy Dr. Robert Owens who explains "the present is the history of the future." So what you hear on Rush today may be what you start to hear other Republicans that speak to the mainstream press say tomorrow which will then be repeated as either fact or a reasonable theory by the mainstream press itself the day after tomorrow.

     In any case here is Republican spin coming to life immediately after the ruling:

     "The imposing Republican message machine was in full lock step an hour after the decision, with a torrent of emails blasting Obama as a tax-and-spend Democrat."

     "The decision] was a shocker,” said veteran GOP consultant Alex Castellanos, who has close ties to the Romney campaign. “I think it helps Republicans and hurts the country. Now the only way to repeal Obamacare and to repeal Obama’s health care tax as defined by the Supreme Court is to elect Republicans in November. He’s the president, the candidate, who said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class has just raised taxes on everybody. … And you’re going to see ads about this tax, and the only way to reverse it is in November.”

     "But the court’s ruling also presents a messaging hurdle for Romney. He has argued the difference between his law in Massachusetts and “Obamacare” is that his was “constitutional,” a distinction that
would seem to disappear now that the justices say the president’s was, too."

    “I think it does bring Romneycare back into play a little bit,” Castellanos acknowledged

    Read more:

     Again-yes I'm still listening to Rush. I subject myeself to him now and again-the beauty of it is that you can now get him for free though he always charged money for listening to his show it's now available for free.

    This is the best day to listen as he tries to help his poor despondent dittoheads. He continues to flag the "rumor" that Roberts was somehow politically pressured. He keeps on saying that he's not claiming that it's true but then he goes on to explain why it's reaonable for people to wonder as Roberts has done such an "unconstitutional" thing.




  1. Mike, I just want to say I really like your blog. I am becoming a regular reader.
    I haven't commented 'cuz I almost always agree with you.

    I especially like this post. A bit of Rush Bashing always cheers me up.

  2. Glad to hear it Bill! Appreciate it! Did you become a member-members get free stuff!

    Today was a good day for our country

  3. I truly love this administration!

  4. Awesome Anonymous! I think we're going to get four more years too. People are beginning to see the benefits of this administration.

    More friendly immigrant laws, health insurance, civil rights for gays.

    Four more years! Four more years!