Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Laurence O'Donnell Hammers Joe Oliver

      Wow! If you missed Laurence tonight you missed a classic. I can't think of a more masterful job out of a tv news host. He simply blew away Joe Oliver tonight-with the help of New York Times Charles Blow and Jonathan Capehart.

     By the end of the interview it was pretty clear that Oliver is a complete fraud. He has been making the rounds, doing the tv interviews claiming to be a close friend of George Zimmerman and has vouched for Zimmerman as someone who acted in self defense-though he wasn't there, he's sure it was self-defense.

     What became clearer as the interview is that he is not a close friend or even a close acquaintance. The only meaningful connection Laurence was able to find was that they actually have worked for the same employer.

     By the end O'Donnell admitted to being puzzled why on the "gut feeling" Oliver claims to have that Zimmerman did it out of self-defense is committing his whole life now to speaking on his behalf. Laurence asked him how can he do this-how will he get paid?

    What I suspect is that Oliver is some sort of paid operative. That's certainly the implication of the interview though O'Donnell never quite explicitly states it. That would explain the fact that Oliver and Zimmerman were actually co-workers.


  1. watch that interview n O'donnell took it too Joe Oliver, especially with the coon ass statement as a term if endearment, in on the "gut" feeling that zimmerman acted in self defense statement, but here is one people haven't ponder, this is a NRA n Alex sponsor bill that they r trying to pass in every state which give certain people a license to kill with impunity, just say you felt threaten n stand your ground n it has #Bushes fingerprints all over it, then they parade this clown Joe Oliver around to try n get u to think this is not racist, have to do better than that, remember Cain another we r not racist parade aroud token n there are plenty of them, n I guess the hypocrisy was just to much to bear n they met him sell his books n have his week of fame as payment for a job well done, again thank you Lawrence Odonnell

  2. Yeah, Laurence was amazing interview.

  3. I have a "gut feeling" he is getting paid.