Thursday, March 29, 2012

Are the Ny Jets Super Bowl Champions?

     You'd think so by reading the back page headlines of the NY sports pages.  Which is fine. Hey as a Giants fan I wouldn't trade places with them in a million years. We won 2 improbable Super Bowls in 5 years so the Jets and coach Coughlin is about to sign a contract extension so the Jets can have their notoriety.

     Coughlin in his usual understated way said he had no doubt that New Yorkers know who the champions are. Actually Giants President and co-owner John Mara who quipped that the Giants plan to call a press conference for David Carr.

     Guess we should give the Jets their due-they are officially the boys of Spring. Of course the NFL starts in the fall. Can this work? It could but it seems to have very long odds against it. Really when you're doing QB math one plus one doesn't equal two, it doesn't even equal one.

     I want in on the pool that predicts how long it will take for Jet fans to start demanding Tebow. will it even take a game? It's not hard to get why Elway wanted Tebow out of Denver. He is the worst of all worlds from management's stand point. He's got a cult like following but it's still debatable if he has anywhere the skills needed to justify it. Of course the Jets-who claim to have decided against going after Peyton Manning-could/t resist. Yeah there's Jet logic for you. They want us to believe that they didn't want Manning but think Tebow is worth it.

    What's worse if you're a Jets fan: that it isn't true-more likely-or that it is. Enjoy the limelight now boys, cause we won't be talking about you next January.

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