Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ann Coulter Doesn't Like Charlatans Yet Supports Romney

      Recently in a pitch of honesty Ann Coulter observed that there are more  charlatans in her
Republican party than among the Democrats. That is true by far. So evidently she does not like charlatans. On the other hand she supports Mitt Romney. So which is it? Talk about mixed messages. Romney just keeps on keeping on, he's the little engine that can't. His latest is to tell Jay Leno's audience that if you are 46 and with no health insurance you can drop dead.

     But to get health care if you haven't already spent lots of money on health insurance-"can't do it!' Romney declares.

      Yet Romney is the one who both passed the individual mandate in Massachusetts and urged Obama to do the same thing in a USA Today op-ed piece in 2009. Yet Romney is running on eliminating RomneyCare within hours of inauguration. And this pandering is supposedly going to work his campaign thinks.

     There is not a single thing authentic about Mr. Romney. Nothing. He has promised to literally "end" Planned Parenthood if elected, meanwhile him and his wife, Ann Romney used to be supporters of Planned Parenthood back in Mass.

     However nothing is more inauthentic than when he tries to be a regular guy. His "jokes" always fall flat, like his latest about how when his dad was trying to run in Michigan, he, Mitt, messed it up by talking about 'Wisconsin-where his dad had relocated costing lots of Michigan jobs.

    Add to this inauthentic streak of his, his congenital inability to empathize and is there any wonder that the more we hear about Romney the less we like him?


  1. That woman is toxic. It is the only word I cam come up with. She clearly stated that Romney was the wrong person for the job when there were several candidates. Now she supports him? - Anything to sell her vile filled books I guess.

  2. No argument about Coulter-who can forget the time she insulted a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair?

    I'm really sick of Romney already-I would rather anything than having to see him for the next 7 months.