Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away

       Which is why I don't believe in the Lord! Here again, things seemed to be going pretty well both for the US economy and for me-I finally have a job, yes as my buddy Nanute points out, an entry level security guard job, but it's a start.

       Don't get me wrong the economy is still going well. We got some more great numbers today-a bunch of indexes today were much higher than expected.

      But wouldn't you know it-my laptop may now be destroyed. Last year in October or so I managed to leave my computer on a public bus-and against all odds and everybody telling me I likely had seen the last of it they had it for me at the lost and found.

      After being so lucky, what should happen today than a friend of mine spilling water on it. It wasn't that much but it seems to have fried the keyboard. So I'm stuck again writing on a public library computer which only gives you a few hours.

     I don't know. I don't want to be one of those people who comes down to hard on someone who makes an honest mistake. I've had my share of accidents in my time for sure. On the other hand I don't want to totally laugh it off-even if that's my nature as this really screws me. When you make under $300 a week after taxes it's not easy to come up with the money for a new computer that will likely be $400 or so. I'm going to look and see what it costs to fix it-my guess is probably at least $200-ie, at least half of just buying a brand new computer.

     I don't want the guy to feel too bad-don't want to be one of those people who crucify you over an honest accident.  But I guess bad enough that maybe he should at least help me with the costs. He did say something about if it's like "fifty dollars" going half and half-yeah right. Where does it cost $50? So he's offering $25?

     Maybe if he can agree to $100 or so. In any case this may cut into my production for a little while to I figure something out.


  1. Mike,
    Sorry to hear the bad news. Was the glass half full, or half empty? There's always a silver lining somewhere in the misfortune. I had the unfortunate experience of losing my wallet about a month ago. Credit cards, driver's license and a whopping $2 bucks cash. Cancelled all the cards, got a new license within a few days. Two weeks later, I got a notice from the local PO that I had a package with a postage due of $1.96. When I went to pick it up, inside was the wallet, including the $2.00. Someone was kind enough to drop it in the local post office box. No return address. I'm not a religious type either, but this is the definition of a good Samaritan. I think if you take the computer to one of those electronic shops in China Town, you might get out cheap. Worth a shot.
    Best, Nanute

    1. Nanute I think I have found a computer guy who may actually be a decent guy, fingers crossed, who will actually be of some help rather than just tellling me to buy a brand new computer from him.

      I'm generally a glass half open guy. What's crazy is the time I left my computer on the bus and got it back. That makes it hard to believe I'm going to lose it this way but we'll see.

      When are you going to be in the area again?

    2. Mike,
      I've never seen a glass half open; a window, sure. You could be right. That computer might just have some good Karma. Not sure when I'll be out your way again. I did send you an email about a week 10 days ago, but didn't hear back from you. Send me an e mail with your schedule so I have a feel for when you are possibly available.

  2. I will get a new keyboard for $120-my buddy pays $60 as he's the one who ruined it and I pay $60. So the computer will live to play another day.

    The reason I didn't get back to your email is I read Gmail so seldom-my real email is

    I will email you soon.