Sunday, February 19, 2012

Linkedin Knicks Beat Champion Mavericks 104-97

      The Jeremy Lin skeptics have even less to hang their hats on after today's tremendous performance by Lin leading the Knicks past last year's NBA Champion Mavericks 104-97. This is a team that in the past the Knicks had little success against.

      All Lin did was put up 28 points-he had 26 on Friday in his "disappointing" outing-and a career record 14 assists-an assist is every bit as valuable as a point, indeed an assist is when Lin helps someone else put up a few-though he did have 7 turnovers.

      He seems to have a proclivity to turn the ball over but maybe that doesn't matter so much? It may be that turnovers for him are like free throws were for Shaq-almost inevitable as if when someone does so many things right there's always gonna be a few things they do, that even seem basic, wrong.

     To be sure the only one who really seems to think that Lin is really over-hyped is Mayweather. Magic Johnson said today that he never had any doubt that Lin is the real thing. Just look at the numbers and tell me that if he weren't black the world would not be shaking on its axis.

     Interestingly Carmello did not make it. J.R. Smith played in his place after being signed from China on Friday. I tell you what I can't wait for is tomorrow night when Melo is expected to return against the Nets. I want to see Anthony and Lin jell. We'll see. It will be fascinating.


  1. Well,it didn't go as planned last night. He's human I guess. On another note, I think this might lift your spirits:

  2. It didn't to which I have a few thoughts: you really can't win em all, I guess they need a little time to jell-Melo, lin, Stouedemire, and Chandler-and there is some wonder as to whether Melo fits in with D-anotio's scheme.

    We needed a god point guard for his scheme and we have it but does Melo work well with a point guard.

    I'm merely asking the question without konwing. I hope he can