Saturday, February 18, 2012

Liberal Bias (Drops In) at Diary of a Republican Hater

      We have had a number of milestones here at Diary of a Republican Hater in our short existence of 8 months. We recently looked back on our Valentine's Day edition

      We've had a number of great economists stop by-Nick Rowe, Brad Delong put us on his twitterfeed once, Scott Fullwiler, Warren Mosler, George Selgin-still waiting on Scott Sumner and Paul Krugman. Until Sumner admits how important this blog really is-LOL-he will get nothing but misery from me. And come on Krugman! Can't you put in a single appearance for the cause?

     Still I was particularly gratified to get this verdict by Liberal Bias who dropped by to leave this comment in the comment box

     "This topic was your advantage among other blogs out there. This blog contains and provide definitely unique ideas and information."

     Wow-to my advantage. My blog contains and provide definitely unique ideas and information. Now you're talking. Please mark those words-"definitely unique ideas and information" over at Diary of a Republican Hater.

      Just remember that when you're making your daily decisionsn of where to pick up your ideas and information-LOL!

      I'm gratified about this partly by the fact that I like those who like me-just giving you a hint of the way to my heart...

      However, in addition to that Liberal Bias is actually a great website that if you haven't yet, you should think about checking out.  As Liberal Bias notes in their mission statement

        "Life just isn't fair to conservatives. Everywhere you look, there is liberal bias. When companies pollute, they are punished by the liberal environment with unsightly smog and all kinds of health problems. When taxes on the wealthy were raised in the 1950's and the 1990's, the liberal economy boomed in spite of good old conservative common-sense. Clearly, reality has a liberal bias."

        As they point out, funding for science has a liberal bias and even the oil companies who they try so hard to support show their liberal bias by having record profits during Obama's terrible energy crisis. Don't the oil companies know anything about Solyndra?

       Don't forget the liberal bias of the US auto industry-GM showed it's liberal bias by having its best profits every last year.




  1. I value your important and informative point of view here. You have written this article so nice and informative. Thanks for sharing your time and effort.

  2. Your welcome Liberal Bias! I appreciate yours as well and that fine blog which is a terrific recourse for liberals.