Saturday, August 20, 2011

Terry McAuliffe: a Real Living Job Creator

     If anyone caught Ed last night (8/17/11) got to see Terry McAuliffe in action. I was rather taken aback! Hes an actual job creator with his GreenTech Automotive. It's funny we hear so much about "job creators" yet never seem to actually see one.

     I had become pessimistic that I ever would-maybe a job creator is like the DoDo Bird or the Unicorn. Or maybe Santa Claus. Something comforting to believe in but...

     In listening to McAuliffe I was truck by how much he gets it. This is a guy I though to myself that should run for office. I mean he has been campaign chairman for the Clintons in the past and was DNC chairman from 2001-06 but I never really had actually heard him speak in depth before.

     On Ed he was downright inspired-and inspiring. This guy missed his calling I thought. He should run for something. Turns out he is planning a possible run for Governor in Virginia.

     And the current Republican governor, Bob McDonnell,  is particularly awful. To be sure we got a lot of awful GOP govs to choose from. But this guy is a racist flat earther if there ever was one.

     So look out for Mr. Acauliffe. If you're in Virginia you're probably on the ledge with McDonnell who in 2010 declard April Confederate History Month. Maybe Aucliffe is the guy to talk you off of it.

    In general there are signs that the Democrats get it. Obama has announced that he will offer a jobs proposal and the Senate Democrats on the Super Committee will demand that job creation is part of any deal.

    Part of Obama's proposal reportedly will call for a jobs program to fix schools, many of which are dilapidated and haven't been touched since the 70s. It could create in the neighborhood of 500,000 jobs. He also may add infrastructure.

   Boehner always asks where are the jobs but he ought to ask himself this question as he has not introduced a single jobs bill in his time as House Speaker.


  1. I saw Terry on the Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd two or three weeks ago talking about his green automotive plant and how he is opening one in China too. All parts wil be made here in America and shipped to China. Chuck asked him about all of his plans and he was very open and excited to share his information. I look forward to hearing more about it, and hope that this is the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for on the jobs front. Shelly

  2. Yeah absolutely! TK Shelly. I was surprised how good he was as some have painted him as a mere political shill.

    Let's hope so right?