Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Indict Andrew Breitbart!

     I have just started the following petition to do just this,

    "Breitbert and his partner in slander, James O'Keefe, have single-handedly destroyed many worthy public servants and institutions, most notably Acorn which provided help and assistance to many low income Americans who desired to buy homes.

    Breitbart and O'Keefe's fraudulent video-based on entrapment, lies, and doctored footage-was the basis for Acorn's slander, defunding, and criminal prosecution.

   While it was ultimately found innocent, Acorn is now broke and its reputation is wrongly sullied.

   Mr. Breitbart needs to be held accountable and found both civilly and criminally responsible as his actions have stolen literally millions from the public in the form of the services Acorn provided.

    Mr. Breitbart and O'Keefe also continue their tireless campaign against the American people and their interests, by targeting any public individual or institution that in any way serves their interests and needs.

    Currently for instance he is attacking among many other falsely maligned targets, Media Matters, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

    A prosecution of Mr. Breitbart-and O'Keefe-will serve the multiple functions of holding him accountable, recompensing his many victims, and also will provide an "ounce of prevention" by slowing down or stopping the harm he continues to work tirelessly to visit on the American people.

   A true social criminal, Mr. Breitbart must be stopped in his tracks."

    Please join with me in stopping him in his tracks by signing this petition.

    To sign please either go here

    Or follow the link on the front page of Diary of a Republican Hater "Let's Indict Andrew Breitbart."


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  2. Not end of story by a long shot. For one thing the answer to all your rhetorical questions is not 'no' but 'yes.'

    And your claim that no one has filed against hin is also false.

    I don't know why you tell me to learn the law as you don't know it yourself. If you did you would know there is such a thing as slander and there is such a thing as libel.

    Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe's actions were done with an intent to deceive.

    Not end of story, the story is ongoing and one way or the obther he will be held accuntable. Your baseless assertions of the law that you need to learn notwithstanding.

    He is my white whale and I will be sure to send you a picture when I bag him. LOL is right!