Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breitbart Trolls, Jehovah Witnesses, and Stalking ex-Boyfirends

       They share many of the same characteristics. They are not welcome yet they don't let that stop them. They keep thinking if you just hear their brilliant words you'd be interested when you are not interested for good reason.

       The Breitbart people always act like liberals aren't open do debate and a real exchange of ideas as if we just heard them out we'd all become dittoheads like a Rush Limbaugh listener or all agree that it was a good thing Acorn was- through Breitbart's libel, entrapment, and doctored footage destroyed, as it's only for the "indolent" poor.  Basically what they're argument amounts to 'well whether the charges against Acorn were true or not, and whether Breitbart behaved improperly or not, it's a good thing as Acorn is about giving handouts to the indolent poor.:

       Thru the trolls who kept bum rushing me since my piece on Breitbart 2 days ago "Andrew Breitbart, Enemy of the American People" I see that many of them are preoccupied with that word "indolent." Because if you're poor you're just lazy. No one who wants a great paying job can ever be unable to find it. Indeed they deny like pre-Keynsian economists did that voluntary unemployment was even a possibility,

       To speak of the undeserving poor then is for this pre-Keynsian view an oxymoron.

       Please understand, that I use the word troll advisedly. When I was on Firedoglake that's what I was called along with anyone in anyway supportive or even not entirely scornful of President Obama. At the Lake it seemed the only meaning of that word was "Obama supporter." For the history of my time as the resident Obamabot at Firedoglake please see

       Then I tried Daily KOS which was another rocky experience. How rocky? I was banned after one post. Two main reasons: I used the tag "abortionondemand" which was meant ironically but they interpreted this as meaning I'm a Right wing troll. And because I started my piece by declaring, "Firebaggers and Obamabots! Obamabots and Firebaggers! Lend me your ears!" They didn't get it. That all added up to "troll." For this episode please see

        So I'm a skeptic about "troll-baiting", I mean is a troll simply someone you disagree with?

        But in dealing with Breitbart's flunkies they really are trolls. I mean they just keep cyberstalking you for hours while making no point. I mean that's at best: that they are simply pointless.

        At worst they get into racism and homophobia. On Tuesday night I was asked by Steven Ball if I was in the Congressional Black Caucus and told by Jim Stevens that I was the product of the Indians and buffalo.

        They keep saying they want to debate issues but this always where the conversation ends up. When they attempt some sort of logical argument beyond pure unadulterated racism-you as a liberal are either a nigger or a nigger-lover-they say something like, "You have no right to what's in my pocket. It's mine I worked for it. You are indolent which is why you're poor and on welfare."

       This, of course is a totally ad hominem attack. They presume that as a liberal you're poor and on welfare ignoring the fact that many Americans are currently unemployed whatever their politics and that many liberals are actually in good financial shape-uh, hello, ever hear of George Soros?-and many conservatives are in the same boat as Americans in general-many of the rural areas which are very red are some of the poorest parts of the country. The genius of the Right wing strategy is it enables people thought racial hatred to vote against their own economic interest. Fact is very few Americans benefit from Republican policies-for example even the upper middle class got shafted by the Bush tax cuts-as it made many more of them liable for the AMT(though technically this was meant to make sure the super wealthy pay their fair share it has always hit the group just below wealthy, the upper middle class disproportionally; ie, it has never done it's assigned job).

        So their only "substantive" point besides overt racism is that 'it's my money I earned it because I'm hardworking and smart and you're lazy and dumb and you can't have it, nyah nyah!"

        Last night, reluctantly as I hate to be unfriendly, I had to ban this guy who just wouldn't quit bothering me and yet saying nothing. Sorry but I can't be bothered to debate with flat earthers, either we both agree coming in that the world is round or I got to beg off.

        And some of these guys must be stalking ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands. I had one guy tell me the other night after stalking for 2 hours that I should stop bugging him! Yeah right I'm the one who keeps sending tweets and initiated this whole silly conversation to begin with.

        Now let us turn to Andrew Breitbart himself, the greatest troll of them all. He is a professional troll-and generalized smear merchant-whose daily racket is to stalk people and public institutions that in any way help or improve people's lives. Currently he's working on his next target with his new spin off Big Education. He will no doubt troll them and we can already guess the "serious substantive proposals" he will make. Cut teachers pay, scale back the power of teacher's unions make more education cuts and argue that not to worry we can send some of this money to private parochial schools. Gee that will surely help us catch up with China and India in education-math, science, etc.

       I have said it before and will say it again-both because it's true but that it bothers him so much to hear the truth-Andrew Breibart is the enemy of the American people.




  1. Just me Mike! Loved your piece about the bull economy, but really loved your piece on Briebart and Trolls. How lucky you are to have this man and his minions following you! But also, how scary. Since I've been on Twitter, I've only had two run ins with Trolls. The upside of each experience was that I met some new people that starting following me and I them. But I couldn't believe the way I was being treated by a total stranger! It was terrible. It's very annoying when they repeat the nonsense they believe and when you're able to prove them wrong, they ignore the truth and move on to the next wrong statement. You just know that if they were talking to you in person, they'd be shouting you down. But what makes me the most peeved is when they have no more "facts" they resort to name-calling and insulting my family and that I'm probably a sub-species of animal. Trolls are mean, nasty, bitey things that we can all do without. But. . .they are good when you're in a bad mood and need to let off steam! LOL Shelly

  2. TK Shelly! Yeah I really did hate to block him as that's not really my style. But this guy just was pointless and in the end a restraining order was the only solution.

    As you said it's a double edged sword being followed by Breitbart and friends. But the fact that they are aware of me at all flatters me though this is not what they intended.

    I clearly have to do more posts on hin-LOL. And he really is a public enemy this is no hyperbole he's always trolling someone.

  3. You are right on, with your take on Firedoglake.Those childish nitwits are the same as the crowd that gave us Richard Nixon and George Bush's knothead dumbass kid Dubya.There are even some pushing Ralph Nader again. I'm not interested.

  4. I hear you degeneratevern! They do admire the Dump the Hump movement of 68 even though that gave us 20 of next 24 years under Republican Presdients.

    They of course love Nader, but they are also in love with Ron Paul who they think as a "libertarian" he has regard for civil liberties-which is an illusion.

    They love him especially now that all the Democrats they were trying to woo have made it clear they won't do anything to harm Obama-not Elizabeth Warren who's looking at a run for Senate in Mass-not Grayson, not Kucinich and not Bernie Sanders.

  5. I and my sons make it a point to watch all the news sources: Fox, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Al Jazeera, the BBC, CNN. We watch a variety of news outlets to measure the reporting of the news in an effort to come to balanced conclusion of news events. I have read conservative blogs, which all claim to have been established in 1776. I have made rebuttal comments on these blogs, which have been replied with harsh and sometimes insulting comments regarding my rebuttals. I find it incredible that so many people can be so narrow minded and will refuse to accept any idea other than their own.