Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Answers My Phone Call

       Well say this for Andrew Breitbart: he answered my phone call.  It's rather flattering really. I mean it's not like I'm the NYT or even Media Matters. Evidently he didn't consider that going after me a total unknown blogger might make him look a little silly. Ever hear of the idea that if you have to stoop to fight someone you are the one who looks bad win or lose? Apparently neither has he. And after all who am I? LOL

       Yesterday afternoon his flunky who calls herself  ColoKat started furiously sending me tweets. Around 4 est, that is in NY and the rest of the eastern time zone where I am.  A little background.

       It had already been a fairly eventful day as during my radio show at I as a New Yorker experience what may be my first ever earthquake, though my host TurboKitty said we easterners are wimps! Don't know about that but I agree we're not used to earthquakes and while all that happened was my chair shooken a bit it was news.

       In addition, I had the extreme pleasure to interview Jim Schaub of ExtremLiberal. Overall even with my puny little NY earthquake it had been a great show. So where does ColoKat and her boss Breitbart come in? Well, that morning hear at Diary I had written a  little piece entitled "Andrew Breitbart, Enemy of the American People."

       By 4 though it was the last thing on my mind as you might imagine. Not for ColoKat who started furiously sending me tweets calling me an hypocritical, infantile leftist who had a temper tantrum and that I wanted cars that are powered by unicorn poop-ok you had to be there, but ColoKat found this very clever. She then after about 17 tweets declared that "you just stick to what you know (i.e., nothing) and leave the thinking to the grown ups" and furthermore "we'll find a bigger big chief and prettier crayons for you to keep you occupied. thanks for stopping by" Again you had to be there when she said it surely it was a great line.

      Now up to this point I hadn't answered her-partly because I wasn't terribly interested in what she was saying but mostly as I wasn't even there for most of it-but I couldn't help notice that she wasn't allowing the fact that I had given her no response to her many, many tweets discourage her and continued to talk to herself.

      So I was nice, really: you seem upset what can I do for you? I ask. However she was having none of my personableness and insisted in making all kinds of charges of how I don't know care to know what others think, etc.  The full and delightful story can be read here.

       The exchange finally ended when I pointed out that her boss-Breitbart and yes Ann Coulter-were present for the whole discussion but didn't speak that she really was flattering me with doing so much on my account.

       She then apologized to Breitbart for making me even think that they were even aware that such a little insect as me exists.

       Too late I answered triumphantly. It's obvious you know I exist! Finally she left. This is the initial offending post that generated such fireworks.

Hell let's have an oldie but a goodie due to the clear general interest this all still holds check out my first post ever at Diary . Finny this was my first post and there had been little talk of it at the time but Breitbart has made it relevant. In fact it remains relevant as what he did to Weiner-and Acorn, and Sharon Sherrod, and indeed even tried to do to the Census-he is now trying to do, to name just a few vendettas, to the St. Louis SEIU, and Media Matters. He remains an enemy of the American people and that saying so has hit such a nerve demonstrates it bears repeating.

        My exchange with ColoKat was so great I realized it had to be made a chirpstory though I didn't know how to. I learned and the rest is history. It turns out it was a great success as chirpinator told me, "That Chirpstory made for awesome reading" and "Please use Chirpstory again soon"

        It was made a favorite and last I checked had close to 400 views.

        Realizing just how much her/Breitbart's/Coulter's strategy had backfired she later on lamely declared, "kinda like a gnat or fly - i know they exist and they are irritating pests to be crushed" to her two bosses. Yeah ok, Cruela Daville!

       She aspires to be a cross between Cruella, Leoner Hemsley and of course Anne Coulter the real life model for Cruella, though she gets stiff competition from her fellow blond conservative sister Laura Ingraham.

       To this day these 2 find nothing more hysterical than to cheerfully laud the draconian airport security methods and mocking anyone who worries about civil liberties. The only thing Ann loves to add is that she as a white woman should not be subject to them as we know the all terrorists are olive skinned, swarthy, Arab men.

       Social justice Coulter style means that she gets to the front of the line and gets on the plane perched in first class doing a crossword or fixing her makeup while looking out at all those swarthy brown men are frisked and humiliated.

        After this things rather deteriorated. A bunch of Breitbart lackeys came at me at once like an insect horde. It was mostly all guys who attacked me on a personal level getting into their only line of defense, racial slurs. Steven Ball asked me if I'm a member of the Black Congressional Caucus and claimed I sound like Maxine Waters.

        Now I got nothing but love and respect for Maxine Waters but in what way? Is there any reason other than race-baiting?

         Jim Stevens, though, hands down won racist of the night by declaring that I was the product of Indians mating with the buffalo! Take a bow!

         TK for showing us what you Breitbart lovers are really all about. I assume this comment is because they see my picture and think I am "of dubious whiteness."

          Not that it matters, but for the record I am of mixed race descent. I am what is generally called a mulatto-half black and half white. In truth I really am considerably less than half black(as my mother is a mulatto I'm really more like 1/5 black) not that I'm not proud of my Afro-Caribbean heritage-not African-American though this is also a rich and admirable heritage-but because is the sorry history of racism in this country-and the Breitbart people are sterling examples of this-that African blood defiles that if you have on drop of "African blood" you are a nigger-to say what is on their minds. You know that's what they have in their hearts and minds when they talk about Obama being "foreign."

          These guys all seem to be professional stalkers from red states with weak laws against such, Certainly they ought to consider the words "restraining order." While I made no attempt to contact them or had any interest in ignorant and bigoted tweets they kept sending me they just kept going. Maybe we should talk to their ex-wives.

            With all these creepy guy late night stalkers I should mention the one late night girl to show up in this sea of locusts. Jenny IDLYITW snottily intoned, "This morning *I wrote a post [that nobody gave a shit about until this moment & the moment is over]..." *Emphasis"

            First of all, Jenny, you too make a great Cruella Daville who of course is based on Ann Coulter,  Take a bow! Practice repeating this Coulter gem about Muslims: "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity." (Implicating Empire Stanley Aronowitz & Heather Gautney pg 8)

            What does all this amount to? That clearly I hit a nerve. Now you guys who spent all this time cyberstalking are just tremendous I mean this sincerely to go to all this trouble over little old me.

             If you think you have discouraged you don't know me too well. For those of you who know me better-my friends-you know what when I hit a nerve that's when I keep on digging.

            While these teabaggers would never know this I of course cut my teeth in the liberal blogosphere fighting those who claim I'm on the Right due to my support of Obama. Firedoglake hated me and wanted any excuse to make me gone and finally Jane Hamsher manufactured one.

           On Daily KOS I was banned after one post because those geniuses can't understand irony, and thought my tag, abortionondemand, meant I was Right wing! Also the objected to this one line, "Firebaggers and Obamabots, Obamabots and firebaggers, lend me your ears!" They didn't appreciate Cicero it turned out.

           With Breitbart's henchman, though, at least now I'm being attacked from the Right! LOL

           Bottomline: I have never been one who colors between the line and it wont start now!

           I said it and I meant it: Andrew Breitbart is an Enemy of the American People." Live it, love it, learn it. Deal with it!

          Breitbart's website Big Government is all about his tremendous attack on the American people. We are the government so who exactly is he attacking when he attacks "Big Government?" He also has a companion blog, "Big Journalism" which is all about attacking the people's legitimate media. While we have heard that tired old canard about "the liberal media" for years what "liberal media" actually means is any accurate journalism performed by and person or media organization, newspaper, or tv show.

         If you don't lie for the Right you are a "liberal elite." Breitbart likes to fashion himself a muckraker almost, a citizen journalist. The opposite! He is a muckraker in reverse his Big Journalism campaign means to destroy accurate, objective journalism anywhere he can find it. Again he is the people's enemy. Repeat that as he can't bear to hear it and it is the truth!

      He even has a piece called Big Hollywood: ie, he even begrudges the people some enjoyable entertainment he is the ultimate kill joy, not only does he begrudge us to be served by our own government and to have an accurate and objective media, he can't even let us watch tv in peace! And the Right claims to be libertarian.

      His newest thing is Big Education which is a work in progress. Don't even have to guess what this will be about! Destroying our(the people's) educational system.


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