Monday, July 25, 2011

If Daily KOS is a Progressive Blog Where is the Free Speech?

     As someone who has spent a good deal of time on FDL being called Obamabot who should try KOS I thought I would try it out today.

     After all the Fdlers told me I would love it over at KOS. So I gave it a try. I wrote a short post with a simple message to the Daily KOS community: Hello.!?via=blog_799100#comments

      I got some quick comments to this post as I have gotten to all my FDL posts  For all my FDL posts

       Now right away I was asked what do I expect with a post like this? My answer to him was I don't know but I was just following the suggestion of the Fdlers who I know would not lead me astray. They said I would find a good home at KOS and I believe them.

       However based on the response, FDL is not the only place where they play the troll card. In fact at KOS they find it really funny to call people trolls and then leave recipe ingredients. Takes all kinds. I would never want to get in the way of any one's fun no matter how parsed it might seem to me.

        If FDL is not the only place that the anything anyone doesn't like is hit with the troll card, it is not the only place where the irony challenged congregate in large numbers.

        "Given the uname 'AbortiononDemand' 
which is a RW phrase to make freedom of choice sound petty, I don't think we want this troll around, no matter what he writes."which is a RW phrase to make freedom of choice sound petty, I don't think we want this troll around, no matter what he writes" declares a KOSer with the biblical name of Ezekial.

         Now the troll comments are mostly fun I take it with a big ol grain of salt. I mean all "troll!" really means is they don't like your post which is therefore "disruptive." 

        But the above comment suggests that old Ezekial was unhappy with my name, serioulsy thinking I am a Right-winger rather than ironically using the attacks of the Right wing ironically against the Right wing.

        I wasn't actually trying to make a woman's right to choose sound petty but rather those who attack a woman's right to choose but Ezekial's irony meter obviously has disintegrated through it's lack of use.

        Rush Limbaugh actually made this phrase popilar starting in the early 90s and I was using it to mock the overstatement of it: the idea that all liberals and feminists want nothing but abortion all the time, as many as possible, on demand. See-irony.

         Another comment by someone who calls themself "pudytat" declares "trolls are dumb." It must be understood that I have no problem with such name-calling except one: by this time my mike had been shutoff.

          Land of Enchantment gloats that I was " 'Banned within an hour or two.'" of posting this silliness"

          Yet he calls himself the land of enchantment? Sounds pretty disenchanting.  If my post was so silly why ban it so quickly, and continue to cowardly name call after I was banned?

          This question of course I can't get Land to answer because of course I've been banned.

           Back in 1998 I used to complain we liberals have no media of our own as I'd listen to Rush spend the whole day Lewinsky-baiting. It had seemed with the rise of the liberal blogs on the internet we libs had arrived.

           A morning on the Daily KOS unfortunately makes me question this.

           While Red State America trails it's sights on Blue State America, progs mostly fight themselves.

           If you have any doublt check up the latest from Jane as she savages Obama with WSJ talking points.


            Ironic the KOS is so protective of FDL when FDL razzes them so much!


            In all the comments about "trolls are dumb" which takes credit when I can't answer, I did receive this one interesting hint by punditican

             " Gotta remember you can't use the term
"firebagger" on anti-Obama sites likee dkos, fdl, etc.
Precisely like, I would imagine, you can't use the term "teabagger" on stormfront, freerepublic, etc..
So yah.... dkos isn't QUITE as religiously anti-Obama as fdl, but that's really like saying Magic Johnson isn't QUITE as tall as Lebron.
Kevin dropped his ice cream and blames Obama? He's gone hamsher! "

         I have spoken to some people-anonymously-that they are at KOS and get my point but they do prefer to tell anonymously. Liberals if we have any shot we need to own our own blogs.           

          If anyone can speak firsthand about these unfortunate politics please educate us

          I can always give you the voice changer if necessary! LOL


  1. I really enjoyed this blog .. it is true.. i do not like the republicans right now.. and that should be said on any blog. this is the usa.. free speech.. why did Firedog and Kos blocked him from putting up the blog.. me intolerable.. LNovak

  2. Appreciate your point L! What's strange is I've spoken to members at KOS off the record so to speak-they say that there is a bit of a trigger finger at KOS now.

    But that people who have been total bigots have had a longer shelf life than I did.

    This is the disconnect!

  3. Damned trolls. Never trusted them. I support a leprechaun over a troll any day. :)

  4. It is nice to see that you can openly speak about your political views. I am deff anti-Obama

  5. Fair enough anonymous, takes all kinds. It would be surprising if everyone was either all pro or anti-.

    I do have other issues besides whether or not someone supports Obama. In some ways this is my criticism of a site like FDL which seems to only tolerate anti-do you spend time there?

    But ulitmately I'm a liberal but think the best way forward is to elect Democrats

    Appreciate your post and there will be other things we tackle here besides this I promise.

    I am planning to have a post soon on the issue of unemployment that wont get into Obama pro or con.

    Hope you visit often.

  6. Hey Mike, I read your Tax code and Campaign promises blogs and I agree with your thought process there. You are sharing your thoughts on the matters at hand and for that I say "great". For all those hating critics out there I say IGNORE them. You write your thoughts and that is to be commended. While I agree with you not everyone else has to, but they should have some respect for your free-wheeling free speech! .

  7. I talked with someone on twitter tonight who says she totallly got I was being ironic. And that I "it's not the right crowd. keep going -- keep doing you"And she's totally right I realized. I'm not one who has ever been good staying between the linesOn a positive note I met a guy called extremeliberal whose got a good following who is now gonna include my link on his site as one of his "favourite blogs" so this will give me a lot of exposure.If you liked what you read please keep reading! I'm gonna be putting out at least 1 post a day from now on.Report · 9:19amBy the way Cuz would you mind if I reprint your comments on my home page?They are good and the type to get a discussion going! TK.

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